Some examples of the art I make:

Traditional art:

I’m much more comfortable with traditional art than anything else. There’s something about the feel of graphite on paper that makes art alive.

Here are some of my personal favourite pieces. Hovering your cursor over a piece will give you a short description, while clicking on one  will take you to my deviantART account, where you can see a larger, better quality version. You’ll also find some of my other art there.

Wizard101: Fallon and Amber

KyokoChan's PFQ Gardevoir Pokésona


Digital art:

I’m still learning the ropes in digital art, but have managed to make some feasible works.

Original concept art for The Penguin from Batman Returns:
Originally drawn by Tim Burton. This was an exercise given to me in a college class in order to test my abilities in using brushes in Photoshop.
The original is on the right, while my version is on the left.
The Penguin concept art

More to be added