RPG games, here I come!

I’ve seen quite a few RPG games which (despite the minimal graphics) are absolutely fantastic! These would include titles such as Mad Father, MisaoThe Strange Men Series and The Witch’s House.

After some scouting I’ve stumbled apon RPG maker, where you can find a variety of really nice programs to create RPG Games and even sell them. I got myself RPG Maker VX Ace, and can’t wait to get started on game creating!

For now I’ll be playing around a bit, as I’m still getting the hang on how the scripting works. So far things are looking quite simple to use:

Female protaganist 01.png
I tried out the program’s face creator to see how well it works. It’s a bit limited, but it’s quite nice if you don’t have any patience for drawing every character’s face and different emotions.

03.jpgThe map creator is extremely straitforward. Simply paint the tiles onto the map.

04.jpg  01.jpg
Aside from visuals, I  wanted to test out some of the scripts. Such as allowing the player to be able to choose gender and name

05.jpg  02.jpg
I also made an automated scene to see how well I’ll be able to implement cutscenes into a game

So far, so good 🙂 This program is definitely worth every penny!


First post

I’ve started to follow some independent game developers here on WordPress, and noticed that there are quite a few that welcome volunteers for some parts of their projects. As I want to become a video game director myself, I think doing a few jobs for game developers would be good work experience.

I’ve decided that it’s much simpler to have a blog that people can visit any time than to have to send them emails with examples of what I do.

I hope to put up some examples of my art, music, acting and writing very soon.